We are experts in:

  • Structural Analysis (FEM)

Finite element analysis is a very powerful computational technique for determining approximate solutions to real-world engineering problems. It is based on the decomposition of a domain to an infinite number of subdomains (elements) where approximate functions are assumed for each element. This analysis can determine the displacement of nodes and elements and the resistance when applying different loads; in this way the load capacity of a structure is verified in relation to the elastic limit that the material possesses.

  • Stability Analysis and Approvals

This analysis allows us to know the behavior of the boat in the water. It focuses on the interaction between the hull center (CB), the center of gravity (CG) and the metacenter of the ship. It is essential to have the calculation of the weight of the ship to be able to estimate the center of gravity of the boat.

  • Estimated weight calculation

The weight calculation of a boat is necessary to be able to determine the center of gravity as closely as possible and thus carry out a correct stability analysis.

  • Template design

It is about the determination of geometric dimensions (thickness, sectional module) for the structures that make up a boat (frames, lining, etc.).

  • Speed estimation

The speed prediction is based on a calculation of the transmission efficiency of the engines to determine the real power of the boat and consequently to know the maximum speed and cruising that it can offer.

  • Design of construction plans

We offer technical solutions for the realization of all kinds of parts and components, both interior and exterior, to be able to attach to the boat.

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